Microsoft Instructs Best Buy Employees on How to Trash Linux

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Microsoft pulls no punches, but misses on the facts in its humorous training brochure

Microsoft pulls no punches, but misses on the facts in its humorous training brochure

Typically, it's Apple doing the trash talking in the operating system market with its long running "Get a Mac" series of commercials. However, an increasingly feisty Microsoft is following up its "Laptop Hunter" commercials with a roast of Linux.

Microsoft and Best Buy's management has been reportedly distributing "training materials" to Best Buy employees, which educate them on Microsoft's view on difference between Linux and Windows. Reportedly, the idea is for the employees to then share this enlightened viewpoint with their customers.

An employee recently took screenshots of the "educational" training program. Its introduction reads, "Windows offers your customer choice and compatibility. A PC sale is not just about the PC, its also about the software and devices you attach to the sale. Since fewer software applications and devices work with Linux machines, your customers' PC experience will be negatively impacted. It is also more difficult for you to attach compatible add-ons to the sale."

It goes on to list tables with "Camera, iPod, and MP3 compatibility" and "Printers and scanners compatibility" being described as "many" for Windows and "few" for Linux. It also lists an ambiguous "Authorized Support" which it claims Linux is lacking, ignoring the fact that many Linux distributions do have support teams. It also mentions that Linux users can't play games like "World of Warcraft", which Windows users can. Ironically, Linux users can in fact use WoW within the free WINE.

The screen also humorously complains that Linux doesn't have support for video chat and can't support Windows Live essentials, failing to note that Linux provides a wealth of alternatives. To top it off, reportedly the training program then quizzes the reader on what they learned. One question reads "Linux is safer than Windows: ( ) fact ( ) myth". Answering "fact" earns you a glaring "incorrect" response.

Without question Microsoft has come a long way in security, but it's still a huge stretch to say that Linux is targeted by malware and attacks to an equal or greater extent than Windows.

Leaked screenshots from a Best Buy and Microsoft's Windows training program indicate that the company is "educating" employees on why Linux is horrible. (Source: ZDNet)

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