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Is Windows 8 worth it?

Windows 8 is great!

Back to Windows 7!

What is windows 8?

Posted by Christo [PCD]
Votes: 115
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Saturday 04 February 2006
Man Sues Apple Over iPod Hearing Loss
Christo [PCD] , Saturday 04 February 2006 - 08:35:50 //

A man is taking Apple to court over potential hearing loss because of the Apple iPod

Apple Computer Inc. is being sued by a Louisiana man who claims the Apple iPod can cause hearing loss in people who use the popular MP3 player. The person who filed the suit, John Kiel Patterson, wants the case to be a class-action lawsuit that will force Apple to make upgrades to future models of the MP3 player.

According to part of the complaint, the iPods are "inherently defective in design and are not sufficiently adorned with adequate warnings regarding the likelihood of hearing loss." Each iPod already ships with a warning label declaring that high volume can result in a loss of hearing, but to many that just isn't good enough. In France, for example, all new iPods have limiting software inside the unit to govern the volume below 100 decibels -- the current models in the US can reach upwards of 125 decibels.
[Submitted by Kcarrim]

Friday 03 February 2006
Overclocking, benchmarking and diagnostic DVD
Christo [PCD] , Friday 03 February 2006 - 14:54:10 //


We have an overclocking, benchmarking and diagnostics DVD for sale. The DVD includes the following:

This DVD is a full featured benchmark and troubleshooting solution which enables you to troubleshoot and test the pc's performance and to run diagnostics when the pc is not bootable. You will be able to test hard drives, ram, display adaptors, cpu, etc...

8 Ebooks with tweaking information for todays overclocking enthusiasts.
83 Benchmark, testing and burn-in utilities, including 3dmark 2006.
11 Gaming tweak guides.
1 Full game kkrieger.
2 Anime movies.
All the essentials you might need ie. Winzip, Acrobat, Quicktime, Media Player, DIVX etc..
Ultimate bootdisk for testing and diagnostics in iso format.
Autopatcher for Windows XP it includes all updates until December 2005.
Via, Intel and nForce4 chipset drivers with support for 64 bit windows.
Latest vga drivers, beta and third party for nVidia and Ati cards.
15 Minute invitation demo's with sound just 64kb in size check this out it is unbelieveable. !!

The DVD demo can be viewed here! PLEASE NOTE: No files are downloadable from this server. Order now to get this DVD!

We will ship anywhere in SA with speed post R32-00.
For the guys in Pta and Centurion area we accept local pick up.
PM Kcarrim Cell 082 418 2646 or Bulvey Cell 082 417 0796.

[Submitted by Kcarrim]

NVIDIA Announces the GeForce 7800 GS AGP
Christo [PCD] , Friday 03 February 2006 - 10:55:02 //

NVIDIA releases a GPU for those still "limping around" with an AGP-based system

With the proliferation of PCI-E based video cards and motherboards, owners of AGP based systems may feel left out in the cold. We have seen recently that Sapphire feels the pain of these users and has released its AGP based X1600 Pro graphics card.

NVIDIA is also looking out for the little guy with the release of the 7800 GS AGP. The 7800 GS AGP is built on a .11 micron process, features 16 pixel pipelines, six vertex shaders, a core clock of 375MHz and 256MB of RAM running at 1.2GHz.
[Submitted by Kcarrim]

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