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Is Windows 8 worth it?

Windows 8 is great!

Back to Windows 7!

What is windows 8?

Posted by Christo [PCD]
Votes: 139
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Saturday 03 February 2007
Dell Faces Lawsuit Alleging Secret Kickbacks From Intel
Christo [PCD] , Saturday 03 February 2007 - 10:19:47 //

Dell is accused of secretly receiving illegal rebate kickback payments from Intel in return for an exclusive deal

Dell has received a class action lawsuit from investors accusing the company of improper accounting in its longtime partnership with chipmaker Intel Corp., reports the Wall Street Journal. Specifically, the lawsuit alleges that Dell's profits were inflated by hundreds of millions of dollars in “secret and likely illegal� kickbacks by Intel to ensure the exclusive use of its chips inside Dell computers. The lawsuit also accuses Dell of misleading investors about “serious accounting, quality and customer-service problems.�

The 251-page complaint filed on Wednesday coincided with the surprise resignation of Kevin Rollins -- who at the time held the title of CEO at Dell. Rollins, along with now CEO Michael Dell, were both named as participants in the suit. The complaint states that 15 senior people at Dell were privy to the information about the alleged secret agreement with Intel.

According to the lawsuit, Dell was receiving as much as $1 billion a year, or approximately $250 million a quarter, from Intel for guaranteed exclusivity. The money is said to have been spread unevenly throughout the four quarters to reduce Dell’s reported costs of goods sold. The complaint alleges that payments were made by Intel near the end of Dell’s fiscal quarters, having a “direct, material impact� on reported operating profits or profit margins.

“The numbers of more than a $1 billion (annually) of what I would call marketing incentives (paid by Intel to Dell) is probably right on track,� said ThinkEquity Partners analyst Eric Ross to Reuters. “They don't disclose that at all, either of them, so it's hard to really dig it out.�

“The low cost advantage and high margins that Dell was enjoying ... may not be the brilliance of the direct (marketing) model,� said Ross. “It may have been the brilliance of having a single supplier that pays you.�

Dell's exclusive relationship with Intel ended last year when it announced that it would be using AMD Opteron chips in its servers. Since then, AMD chips have made their way into Dell’s lineup of desktops and notebooks.

Although Dell’s foray into AMD chips appears to be a recent one, the complaint believes that the computer maker had been secretly designing systems around AMD processors. Those designs would eventually be scrapped as Dell and Intel negotiated over private terms. For obvious reasons, Intel and Dell did their best to keep their agreements secret over fears that government bodies would take antitrust actions against the chip giant, claims the complaint.

A Dell spokesman said the company does not comment on pending litigation and that the company has not seen the lawsuit.

Intel refused to comment on specific points raised by the lawsuit, but Chuck Mulloy, an Intel spokesman, did offer a brief blanket statement: “We've conducted a preliminary review of this claim. At first glance it appears that some of the allegations ... appear to have been completely made up,� Mulloy said. “We deny the plaintiffs' allegations and plan to move quickly to defend ourselves,� he said.

Intel also said that some of the complaints brought up in the lawsuit appear to rehash some of the monopoly allegations brought upon it by AMD in 2005.
[Submitted by Christo [PCD]]

1 1170490618 Dell F

Tuesday 12 December 2006
Surprise! Teens Prefer IM to Email
Christo [PCD] , Tuesday 12 December 2006 - 10:17:39 //

A new poll conducted by Knowledge Networks on behalf of AOL and the Associated Press finds that 72 percent of teens who use instant messaging report sending more instant messages than email messages. In comparison, only 25 percent of adults make the same claim—but more than half of adults polled send instant messages every day.

The survey queried the instant messaging and email habits of 1,513 instant messaging users, including 1,013 adults over the age of 18, and 500 teens between the ages of 13 to 18 from November 30 to December 4, 2006.

The survey also found that instant messaging isn't just being used to chat: among teens who use instant messaging, 56 percent share photos via IM, and 33 percent share music or video files. Adults, however, are somewhat more likely to engage in IM-based audio chat (19 percent, compared to 15 percent for teens), and IM-based video messaging (17 percent compared to 11 percent).

Although roughly one in three teens (30 percent) said they can't imagine live without instant messaging, almost one in five adults (17 percent) made the same claim. And almost all instant messaging users do something else online while conversing via instant messaging: 8 in 10 instant messaging users check email while using instant messaging. Some 53 of adults say they conduct online searches while using instant messaging, while 63 percent of teens say they research homework assignments while chatting. Over half (53 percent) of teens say they get homework help via instant messaging, but only 9 percent said they have communicated online with a tutor or teacher.

The survey also found that 40 percent of young adult IM users aged 19 to 29 end send 26 or more instant messages a day, while 44 percent of teens and adults under 30 years of age are likely to log into instant messaging several times a day.

Some instant messaging users talk to people they've never met: 39 percent of teens say they've sent instant messages to someone they've never met in person, while 35 percent of adult females and 51 percent of adult males report doing the same. Singles are also more likely to chat up strangers: 56 percent of single adult IM users report chatting with someone they've never met, compared to just one third of married adults.

[Submitted by Hawk]

Saturday 25 November 2006
Student Develops Paper Capable of 450GB of Storage
Christo [PCD] , Saturday 25 November 2006 - 09:39:18 //

Rainbow technology still in the works but holds promise

According to a report from the Arab News, a university technology student named Sainul Abideen has invented a method of storing massive amounts of digital data on a plain piece of paper that he claims could store many times the capacity of the best Blu-ray or HD-DVD discs. In fact, Abideen says that his Rainbow technology can enable him to store up to 450GB on a piece of paper. As far as a real life demonstration of a 450GB paper goes, the technology still needs development.

Abideen claims that that his Rainbow system is better than a binary storage because instead of using ones and zeros to represent data, Abideen uses geometric shapes such as squares and hexagons to represent data patterns. Color is also used in the system to represent other data elements. According to Abideen, all that's required to read the Rainbow prints is a scanner and specialized software.

The reporter at Arab News claims to have seen 450 pages of fully printed foolscap being stored on a 4-square inch piece of Rainbow paper. The reporter also claimed that he was shown a 45-second video clip that was stored using the Rainbow system on a plain piece of paper. Interestingly, 45-seconds of video isn't a lot, and if the Rainbow system can store up to 450GB, then we need to be watching full length high-definition videos from a piece of paper.

One of the major advantages of the Rainbow system is the fact that it should cost a lot less to produce than typical polycarbonate DVD and CD discs. Abideen claims that huge databanks can be constructed out of Rainbow-based storage mediums. Although the main attraction is cheap paper right now, other media can use the Rainbow system too.

As of right now, Abideen's system is still under research at the Muslim Educational Society Engineering College and although no major companies have expressed interest, Abideen is confident of the system's future. According to the report, Aibdeen is hard at work at developing a Rainbow scanner that would be small enough for integration into notebook computers. If developed, a Rainbow printer will likely be next up.

In other high-capacity storage news, DailyTech previously reported that Hitachi-Maxell is in the progress of producing holographic media for shipment this year. Holographic storage is one of the biggest forward-looking storage technologies and holds a great deal of promise -- as well as data.
[Submitted by Christo [PCD]]

1 1164440246 Studen

Sunday 24 September 2006
'Grand Theft Auto' Fan Arrested For... Guess What?
Christo [PCD] , Sunday 24 September 2006 - 08:24:45 //

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept 20 (Reuters) - A Canadian man's apparent fondness for the video game "Grand Theft Auto" has led to his arrest in connection with an auto theft, police said on Wednesday.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Shylo Kujawski—who has "Grand Theft Auto" prominently tattooed on his back—was spotted acting suspiciously in a Vancouver suburb where several stolen cars had been reported.

Using the tattoo to identify Kujawski as a convicted auto thief, police said they then set up a stakeout that nabbed him attempting drive away in a stolen car.

Police said during the stakeout they also watched Kujawski thwart his own attempt to drive away in another stolen vehicle by accidentally disabling the car with the owner's steering wheel lock.

Kujawski, of no fixed address, has been charged with possession of stolen property in connection with an auto theft, as well as breach of probation and driving while suspended.
[Submitted by Hawk]

Friday 01 September 2006
Intel Expected to Lay Off 10,000 Employees
Christo [PCD] , Friday 01 September 2006 - 23:32:23 //

According to reports, Intel could be announcing a major job slashing campaign as close as next Tuesday. In fact, as many as 10,000 jobs are expected to be eliminated, equating to roughly 10% of Intel's entire global staff force. Intel has been conducting internal audits and analysis about itself since April of this year. The company commented that it had found itself to be lacking in efficiency in many areas, mainly in sales and marketing. Intel mentioned that its ratio of sales to marketing staff was too high, and it's likely the majority of the jobs being cut will be from marketing.

Intel's CEO Paul Otellini is expected to announce the results of the internal analysis this Tuesday, after stock markets close. Although current details of the layoffs are scarce, Intel mentioned that layoffs are expected. The company overall did not perform well financially in the last several quarters. Although news of upcoming processor releases and the release of Core 2 processors was a magnificent marketing boon for Intel, the company still faces challenges.

DailyTech previously reported that Intel gave roughly 1,000 managers the pink slip in an effort to improve company efficiency -- "too many chiefs and not enough Indians" as Danny Hsu, General Manager of Tyan said. Intel this year sold its Xscale processor division to Marvell. The Xscale series was a successful line of processors for hand-held devices. Intel's media and signaling division also flew the coop earlier this year. Eicon purchased the division from Intel.
[Submitted by Christo [PCD]]

1 1157146301 Intel

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