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3D Mark 2005 World record held by AMD

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Christo [PCD]
Thu Jun 11 2009, 09:06pm
Christo [PCD] Main Admin Registered Member #1 Joined: Fri Feb 03 2006, 10:48am
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Intel's first quad core CPU's shipped in first quarter 2006, where AMD only introduced the first quad core Phenom 9700 in late 2007. Since then a lot of development has taken place and Intel seems to be the top dog since their Core 2 Duo processor series. See how AMD overcomes the "cold bug" AMD broke the world record with 45,474 3DMarks. AMD fans, ENJOY!!
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Thu Jun 11 2009, 11:10pm
Morgue[FLB] Admin Registered Member #59 Joined: Wed Mar 08 2006, 11:21am
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Hooray for AMD! *gets out his green pom-poms*


Hectic just how frosted up that motherboard is!!
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Fri Jun 12 2009, 07:52am
Dade_182 Admin Registered Member #308 Joined: Tue May 15 2007, 11:36am
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I haven't watched videos of OCing like that in ages. this one takes the cake. AWESOME video. Love it!!!
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Sat Jun 13 2009, 12:01pm
MaTiCa Admin Registered Member #186 Joined: Sun Jul 23 2006, 12:16pm
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Hectic man!
Love the Liquid Helium... =)

Good find =P
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