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[W] Any spare PC parts

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RaZeaL [PCD]
Fri May 05 2006, 11:16am
RaZeaL [PCD] Admin Registered Member #6 Joined: Fri Feb 03 2006, 02:31pm
Posts: 4462
I am currently doing a "welfare" project for a lady at the AA. My one director is an ex-alcoholic and is actively bussy with the comunity and rehabilitation.

He has a lady that he sponsors that is in a real bad way. Her husband tried to kill her and molested her 13 year old daughter. She is currently a cleaner at a school for children with special needs. She got into a lot of trouble with some local loan sharks and is in need for cash!!!!

We are trying to set her up with a basic pc to do word processing. We are advertising at RAU for any students who needs projects or anything typed and printed. She need to earn about R60 a day for this, wich she will be doing in her spare time.

If anyone got ANY spare parts to donate, please contact me. Either PM, email or phone me on 083 661 9720. It's for a good cause!

Thanks again! Cool
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Fri May 05 2006, 11:22am
Morgue[FLB] Admin Registered Member #59 Joined: Wed Mar 08 2006, 11:21am
Posts: 6778
Sounds lile a good cause! Unfortunately, when I moved a week ago,
I gave away some old PC stuff (to a caretaker's assistant). So I'm
afraid I don't have any spare PC bits at the moment Sad
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Fri May 05 2006, 12:03pm
B@kg@t Registered Member #102 Joined: Mon Apr 03 2006, 05:41pm
Posts: 4424
What exactly are you looking for?
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RaZeaL [PCD]
Fri May 05 2006, 12:13pm
RaZeaL [PCD] Admin Registered Member #6 Joined: Fri Feb 03 2006, 02:31pm
Posts: 4462
I only have a case and monitor. I'm looking for everything else!!
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Christo [PCD]
Fri Jun 02 2006, 02:32pm
Christo [PCD] Main Admin Registered Member #1 Joined: Fri Feb 03 2006, 10:48am
Posts: 4503
I'll see what i can do
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Thu Nov 09 2006, 12:20pm
h00y Registered Member #115 Joined: Thu Apr 20 2006, 09:56am
Posts: 1421
razeal, when i get back i can offer some small stuff, old gfx cards and i mean old, a modem, maybe a old network card, dont know if the sruf still works, its ina box at home. ill see when i get back
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Sun Dec 16 2007, 01:08pm
Synthetic_Darkness Registered Member #153 Joined: Sat Jun 03 2006, 10:14pm
Posts: 856
If your still in need Ill try work with a friend to get some old pc parts together to come up with a full pc, between us we have about 12 pc's that are all half working, but im sure we can at least get one going or many more, if anybody else needs?
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