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Update: OCZ Technology Announces 3.5" 1TB Colossus SSDs

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Christo [PCD]
Tue Nov 24 2009, 07:15pm
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News item posted

OCZ unleashes SSDs tailored for desktop users

The market for Solid State Drives (SSDs) continues to expand. While SSDs first started off being outrageously expensive due to the use of SLC NAND memory, cheaper MLC NAND technology has brought SSDs to a more mainstream audience.

Traditionally, SSDs have been offered in a 2.5" or 1.8" form-factor which is most popular with notebooks, ultra-portable notebooks, and netbooks. 2.5" SSDs can be easily added to desktop systems using 3.5" mounting brackets, but OCZ Technology is looking to cut out the middleman altogether.

OCZ today formally announced its new Colossus Series SSDs which use the 3.5" form-factor that desktop users are familiar with. The additional room within the 3.5
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